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Shishehchi Automatic Doors Industrial Group

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About Us

Shishehchi Automatic Doors Industrial Group

consisting of experienced experts and technicians in the field of electronic and electrical engineering, initiated its specialized activities in 2002 in the field of producing automatic doors equipped with electronic eye after several years of conducting researches and checking the production factors.

This company cooperated with several foreign companies for improving the quality of its products and at the moment, it is the exclusive representative of several large companies of the world in the field of automatic doors such as: Japanese HOTRON and German DUNKERMOTOREN.

Shishehchi Industrial Group is firstly claims to have the best quality and services and then, it has tried to consider the price list, so that considering the type of used parts, the product efficiency as well as 24 month unconditional guarantee, the final price of the product is less than the price of other similar products.


CNC Cutting Table

دستگاه برش سی ان سی

The company's automatic glass doors, with the best of modern equipment and machines, have been manufacturing and exporting all kinds of automatic doors in the east of the country, including CNC cutting machine, double-glazed glass production line, Color furnace and rolling machine.

Thermal Break & Bending Machine

دستگاه ترمال بریک و ماشین نورد

Insulated Glass Production Line

خط تولید شیشه دوجداره

Safety Glass Production Line

خط تولید شیشه سکوریت

Powder Coating Line

کوره رنگ

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