Automatic Sliding Doors

دربهای اتوماتیک کشویی

The most common types of automatic doors that are used in common areas (no spaces or width limitation). Shishechi co. offers Record brand for this type of doors.

Automatic Telescopic Doors

دربهای اتوماتیک تلسکوپی

This type of doors is used in large widths. Bilateral telescopic doors are used within the large width of opening areas.

Automatic Angular Doors

دربهای اتوماتیک مثلثی

The function of this system is similar to the Sliding Sliding Door, with the difference that the door looks triangularly designed and constructed. The use of this type of system is effective in the enthusiast's beauty of buildings that have a particular architecture.

Automatic Break out Doors

دربهای اتوماتیک خروج اظطراری

In fact, this type of door is a sliding door system, and the only difference with the normal system is that in case of emergency, it can open the movable hinges and hinges and open all the hinges in the width of the opening Useful.

Automatic Folding Doors

دربهای اتوماتیک تاشو

This system is used in locations that are wider in width, requiring more openings, and is more than 80% widespread.

Round automatic doors

دربهای اتوماتیک گرد

The sliding doors that are designed as curved which are suitable for places where there are no constraints on the space and construction design uses curved lines